Final Reflection

This semester was one of the hardest ever, as this is was the first semester to be fully online. It was never easy to educate ourselves from home, definitely it’s better to go to classes and engage with my colleagues and Doctors. Actually i wish i could have taken this course during the  face-to-face classes. I am gladly saying that this course was one of the few core classes to learn from. Usually i don’t enjoy the core classes because they are totally different from my major courses, in terms of the process itself, from the way of learning to the system of the course.

To begin with, I learnt a lot so many things in this course, the first thing is that variety of platforms we had, from Twitter to Soliya. The concept of using Twitter as a learning platform was amazing. It taught that I am the ones who can choose how to use my social media accounts, either for fun or for academic purposes. In addition to that, Soliya was an amazing experience that i benefited from. I Knew beautiful people who introduced me to their culture while sitting at home. You can check my blog post to see my Soliya experience.  I just want to mention a talk i attended for this course, which is “A Technoethics Primer (with some focus on education) by Autumm Caines”. This one i benefited so much from, i realized that we need to be get educated about our data and level of privacy we have on Social media. Most importantly i really enjoyed the Digital Literacies pathway assignment. I read so many articles that i really enjoyed and benefitted from. After this assignment, i was more aware of the digital media and the comebacks we get from using it. Learning through many materials was so interesting as i got to benefit from each assignment differently.

If i choose to show someone my favorite blogposts they would be Digital Literacies pathway, because it has information that can benefit anyone reading it, as it shows the implications of the use of artificial intelligence, the types of our data being stored and sold to companies, and some tricks to minimize your social media usage. The second post is  Empathy… as it raises awareness of empathy. I think people need to get reminded of loving each other and being aware that everyone is different and people might have challenging circumstances that can affect their lives. The third thing to show them is not something i did, it is the Digital Narrative game, I’ll leave the link bellow, click on the link and in part 1 you will find so many games that is fun and meaningful. Actually i enjoyed playing them all and i recommend you to play Spent, it’s my favorite!!

As much as i enjoyed this class but i would like to change some things that were not my cup of tea. To be honest, it was not my favorite thing to create a game, i enjoyed playing so many of them more than creating one. I already understood and learnt from part 1 of the game which is playing so many of the games and reflecting on them. The second thing is give more importance to the Digital literacies pathway assignment and not leave it to the end of the semester. I benefited so much from this assignment so i think if i knew that it is this important i would have give it more time. Just to point out, I feel this class is designed for creative people and for those who write a lot, as it was a problem for me because I am not used to write this much.

I enjoyed the journey of this Class as it was a little bit different from the core courses i took before. One of the most significant things in this course is that it’s one of the few classes that i got to know all my classmates. I really loved the spirit they had as everyone was welcoming and respectful. I can proudly say that this is one of the courses that i think i will never forget..

Digital Narrative Games

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